Warrizup mehn!? This is a VERY concise version of all that I did during my 3 nights in Nigeria. Enjoy!

Day 1 – Friday 5th March 2010

Ok so I landed in Nigeria at 5am (4am GMT) and it was kinda hot. How can it be hot BEFORE sunrise? So as I was waiting for my ride I shared the Gospel with a Muslim dude who I met outside the airport. It was quite cool, he also shed some light on the killings of Christians that had been happening around the North region of Nigeria. What a greeting eh, but my mind was more with those martyred.

Once my ride had come I went to the resort I was staying at on the RCCG Redemption Camp, chilled for a bit then freshened up. At 12pm I was collected and driven to the Youth Centre where my album was launched. The platform was an honour. A very big shout out to all the PSF peeps! Very warm and loving people. At the end they called me back up and sang happy birthday to me and gave me a big card. It was so nice spending my 21st birthday abroad and with such wonderful people.

After signing some cd’s and taking a few pix, I headed back down to the resort to chill then headed down to the Arena on the camp ground at 5pm for a special service. The prayers and atmosphere was amazing, it’s not every so often you get to sit on a stage in front of 3 million people! The evening finished at 3:07am and I didn’t get back to the resort until 5:11am although it was only a 10 minute drive!! Yes!! Well, just try and picture 3 million people trying to leave one place and once…..yeah exactly!! I fell asleep for like an hour in the minibus and when I woke up we had barely moved. Once I got back it was a bed ting, nothing long as I knew I was being picked up at 12pm for day 2 at the Youth Centre!

Day 2 – Saturday 6th March 2010

I don’t even know what happened to my alarm but what I do know is that as at 11:30am I was just coming to terms with the fact I had woken up in another country then I clocked that I had to been at the venue by 12!

I eventually got to the venue and did my thang! After my set I called up my boy Leke Adeboye and Tola and we did a lil freestyle with the band, it was actually heavy!! They both shocked me. Lagos stand up!!! The peeps LOVED IT! There’s nothing better than acknowledging home talent. At the end I took some more pix and did more autographs and networking.

Got back to the resort at 4pm ate some good food then headed down to the Arena for another service at 7pm. I got back to the resort with a bunch of my fellas and we had a meeting regarding some great stuff till 2am or so. All shall soon be revealed. So I’m chilling then I’m reminded that I’ll be performing at a youth church on Victoria Island called The Incubator which is the youth church of RCCG City of David and I’ll need to LEAVE the resort by 6am! I teleported myself one time to my room and quickly sorted out my outfit, no long ting!

Day 3 – Sunday 7th March 2010

So it’s 5 something in the morning and I’m fighting with the snooze button. Somehow I get in the shower and dressed but not till after 7 when I should have already left by then. So when we eventually leave we stop off to pick up a couple peeps then zoom down the express way as the service started at 7:30! On the express way I saw a bus that had turned over on it’s back and a man lost his life. It was really surreal as that was the first time me seeing a deceased person like that. I had to thank God for His protection as that could have been my vehicle and the man was probably on his way to church too (I pray God strengthens the man’s family and comforts them during this difficult period)

As we’re about to pull up into the church we receive a call saying ‘you’re on next’. As I jump out the car I’m met by around 15 people outside waiting for me to arrive so they could escort me in. I quickly scanned the place as I walked in the place is JAM PACKED with young people, I so felt at home. So I get on stage and the energy the peeps were giving was AMAZING! I felt so at home. I did Come My Way, I Like It and Holla At Me. They were so receptive and lively. So at the end of my set I let the people know I have my CD on sale then I was told that all of them had been sold upon arrival! I was like ‘DUDE!!’

After my set, the J-Ville choir came up and did some UNTOUCHABLE Thanksgiving praise to God. Words can not describe. The lead sing said ‘I don’t know how they do it in London, but let’s show Faith Child how we do it here’ (well something very much along those lines). They offered God an unrestricted and undiluted praise. I salute them.

At the end I took a whole lot of pix and did a bunch of autographs and showed my appreciation to the leadership and those who had been instrumental in granting me the opportunity.

Once we finished we quickly jumped in the car and zoomed back to the camp ground to Pastor Adeboye’s house for a celebration and we made about the last 45 minutes of it but that was after a pit stop at Mr Biggs!

I got back to the resort at around 3pm and had a little nap as I was gonna chill with some peeps at 6pm at the Oasis Suya Spot. The food there was emosh! A great chilling spot. I eventually got home around 9’ish I think and then started packing for my flight early the next morning.

Day 4 – Monday 8th March 2010

So I’m at the airport in Lagos and as usual there’s always a little drama in airports, which worked in favour for me and my mum! So with no problems we boarded our plane and chillaxed as we flew above the clouds. We landed at Heathrow around 5pm and the luggage took forever to come. I think ours was at the bottom/back of the plane cause we were one of the first to check in. Once it came we started heading straight to church for a special anointing service.

After church I was chilling with my peeps and catching up and left church 2 hours later at 11. So I’m about to drive my peeps to Kingston from Croydon then I get a punctured tyre – such a great welcome! I tried to change the tyre myself but the bolts were too tight. So I rang my step dad and he came and took the girls and my sis to my crib so they wouldn’t freeze in the blitz!

So the breakdown dude came to rescue Da’Mention and I and changed the tyre which was at 2am! So I fly down to my house then whizz my peeps down to Kingston and pop in to have some Nando’s chicken! Yum! I eventually got home at 4am then set my alarm for 6:30am for my 9:30 4 hour lesson at University and then from there the London life cycle of Faith Child continues!

**Videos and Pix to come ;-)**

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Comment by Faith Child on March 21, 2010 at 2:28
Bless you bro!
Comment by Lyrical Soldier on March 20, 2010 at 0:00
Wow- what a blessing bro! Lovin the blog

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