Cordless Show: I need YOUR help!‏

Hey wasup peeps! I'm presently in a competition to perform on a show called the Cordless Show which is a great avenue for artists and guess what? (What? Tell me, tell me!) I'm presently in the top 5 and not just that, I'm also the only Gospel artist in the top 5 too! Whoop whoop! (Pops some Shloer!)

Its been a bit of a roller coaster, some days I'm 1st and others I'm 3rd. Hmm...! So this is where I need YOUR help. I need your vote. Winning this will be GREAT for UK Gospel music in the mainstream sector. Let's go shine our light in the world.

So I need you to kindly go to and vote for me. It takes 2 minutes.

Let's win this one together! I'll need you to tell all your family and friends to jump on board too.

Are you with me!? Let's go for that number 1 spot!

Let's get our shine on!!

Voting ends May 15th. Let's get voting!

Thank you for your support.

Love ya,


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