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Rapping role model works with Croydon youths

MOBO nominated Gospel artist Faith Child takes time out off his European tour to work with children in his local community. The 23 year-old rapper hailing from Croydon, visited schools in his neighbourhood and Sutton in a bid to use his influence…


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With the audio having already picked up 10,000 hits on YouTube in under a month, we bring to you the brand new single from Multi-Award winning artist and MOBO Nominee, Faith Child, featuring…


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Faith Child 2011 Highlights!

Happy New Year all!! Right, now how many of you have already broken your new year resolutions already huh!? *waits for the hands to slowly rise in embarrassment* Well, I played it safe and didn't make any! Hehe :-p

Peep this vid of the band and I's 2011 highlights & a runaway dog LOL! Thank you for all your support! 2011 saw me win Best Gospel Act at the BEFFTA Awards, Headline at…


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Faith Child Headlines at Wembley Stadium for Black History Live

Faith Child and the band gave an amazing performance on Saturday 1st October at Wembley Stadium kicking off a series of event for Black History Live in celebration of Black History Month. The performance featured guest appearance from MOBO Award winners Victizzle and Utter Once and Gospel sensation Matthew…


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Faith Child headlines 'RIOT AID'

On Sunday 18th October, Faith Child headlined Croydon Advertiser's post-riot music fundraiser 'RIOT AID' at Scream Lounge. The free event raise over £500 which was donated to Croydon Youth Development Trust, a charity which aims to provide activities and support for the borough's young people. The…


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Faith Child Meets The Prime Minister

Faith Child was invited to Downing Street by the Prime Minister David Cameron for an Easter Reception. Also present on the day was Martin Smith of disbanded Christian band Delirious?, Muyiwa, Graham Kendrick, Rachel Kerr, Guvna B and religious leaders from over the United Kingdom and members of…


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NEW VIDEO: Perfectly Imprefect (not a typo)

Hey peeps, happy new year hope you've all worked off the Christmas turkey and all the condiments! Here's a video blog called "Perfectly Imprefect (not a typo". Just s short video letting us know that we are NOT perfect as Christian's and as people and shouldn't beat ourselves up when we slip up. Enjoy, once you…


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Are You Relevant As An Artist?

Aswell as being a rapper, drummer and actor amongst many things, I also mentor a handful of artists which falls under the umbrella of Artist Development. With that, I diagnose the style/genre of the artist, how they can grow as an artist, how they can excel in their field and at times co-write their projects. As you may all know, I've been performing and touring for the past 11 years and I've met many amazing people along the way and learnt many valuable lessons and the key things… Continue

Added by Faith Child on September 6, 2010 at 8:30 — 25 Comments

T3M Pix

I'm a fan of great photography, especially the gentleman behind my clean shots - Creative Piece. Check out his shots from T3M, they are so clean and say a million words. All I can say is "BWOYYY" if you missed T3M. It was such a successful and epic night. Shout out to everyone that came and all the press and media. THANK YOU! We are grateful. Well, enjoy the pix and be sure to lemme know what ya think. Peace out!…


Added by Faith Child on September 1, 2010 at 1:30 — 3 Comments


They say "good things come to those who wait" and as a thank you gift to all those who came to T3M London and Birmingham, here's a little gift for ya!! The "Flashback" music video! As you may know, it had its first play on OHTV last week, and just for you guys its now on YouTube! Be sure to drop comments, share on your FaceBook walls, blogs, sites and to all your peeps. Thank you for all your support and a very BIG shout out to Alex Greig, GP of Dvine Muzic, Chuks for the guitars,… Continue

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Are you a "Young Achiever"? Young Achievers is a fresh new series showcasing the great work of young people who believe they can achieve. I'm in full support of the series. I'm a fan of anything positive that encourages young people to be positive and aspire to their dreams. If you are a Young Achiever, between 18 and 25 and want to be featured in the next series, then be sure to hit them up, I'm very sure they'll be happy to hear from you. Drop an email to stating why… Continue

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Hey peeps, the dawn of a new week brings new things and one thing you can tick off your 'Things-to-do-before-the-rent-is-due' list is "Watch the premiere of FLASHBACK" YES ladies, gentlemen and lepricorns, the video will be PREMIERING TONIGHT on OHTV Sky Channel 199 from 18:00 GMT. Sorry to all those who wanted to stone me cause the teaser was a teasing! The video was directed by EIKON INK and DRIVE, be sure to look out for 'em

Well the wait is finally nearly…

Added by Faith Child on August 9, 2010 at 10:30 — 1 Comment

The T3M count down begins!

Hey peeps!! Its less than TEN DAYS til T3M at The Indig02! The fellas and I are soo excited and looking forward to it and we believe you are so too! A spectacular historical event for UKGospel music and we want you to be part of it as you have supported us thus far. We've had so much press coverage ranging from M-Brio Music to Pride Magazine to the MOBO Awards! Be sure to click on the links below.

See you all next week Friday, on that note, have you got your…

Added by Faith Child on August 6, 2010 at 0:00 — 4 Comments

Artist Spotlight: Darleen

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, lepricorns of all ages, I present to you...DARLEEN!! Who is Darleen? She is a singer/rapper that is just out of this world and guess what, she's a friend of mine, yes lucky me! In fact, I just finished a writing session with her *does a lil crazy dance*! She isnt the NEXT big thing, she IS the big thing! Working hand in hand with one of my producers, Producerwez, she has a unique distinct sound with hooks and melodies to get any onlooker… Continue

Added by Faith Child on July 16, 2010 at 1:00 — 1 Comment

FOOTAGE: Faith Child Supporting Tinie Tempah

Wasup peeps!? As you know, I opened up for UK's chart topping number 1 artist Tinie Tempah after winning the Cordless Show peoples vote. Thank you guys once again. Your support was amazing and I am forever grateful, shout out to the Cordless Show too. On the night I performed "Holla At Me" with Miss Tai and "More Than Music" and the crowd loved it. It was nuts! In a good way! Shout out to DJ Solva for DJ'ing for me on that night too and to Cherri V who also… Continue

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Check out Trip Lee's official music video for his single "The Invasion (Hero)" featuring my girl Jai on the hook and bridge! Its a great song accompanied by great visuals too. I'm glad to see that peeps are upping the levels on all aspects. I met Trip a couple weeks back when he came to UK. Yeah he's a cool dude ;-) Be sure to cop his NEW album "Between Two Worlds". Shout out to the Reach Records and 116 Clique familia! Holla atcha bwoy!

Enjoy the…

Added by Faith Child on July 3, 2010 at 3:30 — 5 Comments


Hey wasup! Last month I re-introduced y'all to Lola Godheld, so I thought I'll continue in the spirit of bringing great artist to the awareness of my peeps once a month. So i'mma be doing something called 'Artist Spotlight', I was gonna call it summin like "Artist Illumination" but yes it sounds waaaay to cheesy, so yeah....! Kicking it official of, I wanna formally introduce you to my dawg MR. DA'MENTION! He is one of the most talented dudes I know. He sings, rap, drums, dances,… Continue

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Would you like to open up for T3M at The Indig02!!??

No it's not a joke or a trick or summin dodgy. No you dont have to sell your soul, no you dont have to be my friends with my lepricorns and YES you can keep your clothes on! Guvna B, Victizzle ans I have thrown open the opportunity for somebody to open up for us at out T3M concert an The Indig02 on Friday 13th August! No there is no small print or catch! All you have to do is send your BEST original written song to by August 8th! Simples! To make your entry valid you… Continue

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E-Tizz: "He Will Never Leave Me" Music video

Check out E-Tizz's debut music video "He Will Never Leave Me". No Tizz has not turned homosexual, he is happily married to the beautiful lady singing the chorus and is now the happy father to a baby boy. Congrats bro!! "He" is reference to God being with us through the thick and the thin. Yes we all can do with a lil reminding every now and again. Check out my cameo is this vid. No, I didnt do my signature cameo move but dont worry it'll be back up on your tv screens… Continue

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OK OK OK! So it is now time to reveal to you the "Flashback" music video teaser!! Good things come to those who wait ;-) Be sure to drop a comment on here and the YouTube page too. The full video is coming to OHTV very very soon. So sit back, relax, sip your Horlicks and click play! Enjoy…


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