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OK OK OK! So it is now time to reveal to you the "Flashback" music video teaser!! Good things come to those who wait ;-) Be sure to drop a comment on here and the YouTube page too. The full video is coming to OHTV very very soon. So sit back, relax, sip your Horlicks and click play! Enjoy…


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Cordless Show Performance

Yaga yo yo yo! Peep my Cordless Show performance of 'Holla At Me' and 'More Than Music'. Had a fun time recording for the show too! Thank you once again for the votes, you guys ROCK!!!!…


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No matter where we've been, and no matter how dark has been the night scene, there's always a morning for us who believe. The morning however is not a time to count our loses, or a time to indulge in self-pity and self-degradation. The morning is neither a time to lament about the choices we didn't make, nor is it a time to regret the ones we made. It is rather a time… Continue

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Re-introducing Ms Lola Godheld

Lemme re-introduce ya to my gurl Ms Lola Godheld! *round of applause, throws flowers on stage* I say re-introduces as you should be no stranger to her voice. She's the soulful voice on "Still Got Love" off my album and does the harmonies on "Holla At Me". Yep! Now ya know ;-) She's an AMAZING singer and her song writing skills are on some next level. She is defo one to watch out for. Her albums should be dropping soon so be sure to catch it ;-) Get it!?

As at time of blog,… Continue

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Cordless Show UPDATE!

Hey peeps! Hope your all doing good! On Friday I'mma be opening for Tinie Tempah at the Summer Ball, whoop whoop! Should be a good experience. Check out this article on me from the Cordless Show peeps regarding the People's Vote competition and the show. Have a nice read ;-)… Continue

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Guvna B, Faith Child + Victizzle present T3M the tour!!

Wasup peeps!! Summer is approaching and we've thrown together a treat for y'all!! Guvna B, Victizzle and I have joined forces to put on a tour as T3M - The Three Musketeers at the indigo2 at The o2 on Friday 13th August 2010! Super cool right!?

Dubbed as the biggest concert of the summer tickets are going fast! We got a jammed packed spectacular evening for you all with lets few tricks up are sleeves!! hehehe!

We would love to see YOU and your friends there… Continue

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1440 VOTES! Yes WE did it!

OMDZ!!! Yesss WE did it!!! 1440 votes!!Peeps, it was been a long 15 days, wowza! It felt like forever. I just have to say a huge THANK YOU to absolutely everyone that got involved in voting for me to perform on the Cordless Show and also perform alongside number 1 chart topper Tinie Tempah. And a big thank you especially to those who were plugging like CRAZY! Hold tight the people who Facebook had to suspend their accounts! LOL!! You guys are soldiers man!

I must give a big… Continue

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Cordless Show: I need YOUR help!‏

Hey wasup peeps! I'm presently in a competition to perform on a show called the Cordless Show which is a great avenue for artists and guess what? (What? Tell me, tell me!) I'm presently in the top 5 and not just that, I'm also the only Gospel artist in the top 5 too! Whoop whoop! (Pops some Shloer!)

Its been a bit of a roller coaster, some days I'm 1st and others I'm 3rd. Hmm...! So this is where I need YOUR help. I need your vote. Winning this will be GREAT for UK Gospel… Continue

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Muyiwa + Riversongz LIVE in concert‏

Muyiwa alongside Riversongz get set to raise the roof on Friday 14th May 2010 at o2's hot spot, indigo2.

Unknown to many, Muyiwa has been a trend setter more than once. He was the first International artist to perform on BET's star studded show 'Celebration of Gospel'. Following on from his performance, he became and presently still is a judge also on the BET network for singing competition "Sunday Best" which he rightfully sits on the judging panel alongside Donnie…


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"iSing, you sing"

GMA and Double MOBO Award winning producer/rapper/song writer, Victizzle, recently released his music video for dance floor filler 'iSing' featuring Utter Once of G-Force and BET's Sunday Best judge and Premier Radio host, Muyiwa. 'iSing', taken from his debut album "Welcome To My World" (available on iTunes), brings back the flavour of the mother land to a pop filled culture. No better time now that Funky House seems to be taking its stance especially with its African rhythmic… Continue

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I'll see you on my Phone.....

Faith Child...all the best with your video shoot today, the sun's out and you will be blessed. Work hard and remember....nothing is easy, but who wants nothing? ...!!

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Flashback Music Video WINNERS!

HEY PEEPS! Thank you all for your answers and for changing you profile pictures on Facebook to the Flashback single cover. After weeding through all the given answers and checking Facebook profiles to see those who had actually change their display picture, the two lucky people have been chosen!

Can I get a drum roll please (feel free to insert your own lil beatbox thingy-bobby-majig)

The two winners are Nathanael Wheelwright and Faiith Daviss!!!

C O N G R A T U L A T… Continue

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Wasup peeps!! I'm shooting my music video for FLASHBACK on Tuesday 6th April 2010 and TWO lucky people will get the chance to feature in it as well as get interviewed to be a part of the Faith Child DVD too!

So here goes - you've got to answer the following questions!

1) What was my first single?

2) What was the name of the song I feature on on G-Force's album?


On FaceBook change your profile… Continue

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Let's all get smashed!

Not quite the beverage you were after eh!? Rap veteran Jay Ess dropped his debut solo music video to up tempo club banger 'Intoxicated' featuring Deborah. The song is the lead single off his forthcoming album 'Genesis Snapshot' scheduled to drop this Spring. I admire Jay's ability to wisely and practically infuse his Biblical knowledge into his songs. Two of my favourites which are also on the album are 'Questions and Answers' (YouTube that) and '7even'.

Check him out at… Continue

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Lagos Diaries

Warrizup mehn!? This is a VERY concise version of all that I did during my 3 nights in Nigeria. Enjoy!

Day 1 – Friday 5th March 2010

Ok so I landed in Nigeria at 5am (4am GMT) and it was kinda hot. How can it be hot BEFORE sunrise? So as I was waiting for my ride I shared the Gospel with a Muslim dude who I met outside the airport. It was quite cool, he also shed some light on the killings of Christians that had been happening… Continue

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Guvna had the T-Shirt, so I copped a string vest!

Please excuse the dodgy blog title, actually I take that back! Ha! Leading UK Gospel artist and close buddy of mine, Guvna B, recently recorded a video for his song 'Had the T-shirt'. Its a hard hitting track produced by TP aka Mr Funky Fresh, featuring an array of talented MC including Icie (Commission), Stealth, DDT, Forever Christ, Presha J, Franklyn, Brewer and Favour.

The song is a testimony about them having the label of a non-Christian but have now found The Light,… Continue

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From London to Lagos

Lemme try a lickle ting-ting: E kasan, Bawoni!? (Ye Olde English translation: Good day, how art thou?). I've been performing for over 10 years now and due to the virtue of me no longer being Twen-teen (that's in between 19 + 21) as of March the FIVE (not the fifth, why? Cause I'm special) I'll be spending my first performance as a 21 year old in NIGERIA! Can I get an Ami!? (That's 'Amen' in Yoruba!)

I'll be launching my album down there too so I'm very much looking forward to… Continue

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Free Download - Lyrics

Guess what, due to popular demand I am releasing all the lyrics to the songs on my debut album, 'Illumination'. This is just to say thank you for all the support you have show for the project. So enjoy it and feel free to come back to this page and let me know what you think. Watch this space for more FREE stuff. Coming soon...…


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What’s your favourite film of all time?

IN THE FACE!! Coming to America is my JOINT! I have that on DVD, actually I think someone stole it or permanently borrowed it from my collection. I love films and nothing fuels my acting passion more than a great film. Funnily enough High School Musical does something to me (I don’t know why or how). If I was a film director I’ll probably invent a new genre like ‘Romantic Horror’ LOL! What’s your favourite film and film…

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Faith Child gets media attention in The Voice newspaper

Marcia Dixon executes a great article on Faith Child in the Soul Stirring column of The Voice newspaper (Issue 1409. Published 08.02.10). The article covers his history, music and album. “UK GOSPEL rapper Michael Ayo has much to thank God for. He says his mother told him that she planned to abort him, but whilst at the clinic God told her to halt the abortion as He had a purpose for the child she was carrying. She obeyed God’s voice and now her child is sharing God’s word through… Continue

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