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Featured Blog Posts – July 2010 Archive (6)

Artist Spotlight: Darleen

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, lepricorns of all ages, I present to you...DARLEEN!! Who is Darleen? She is a singer/rapper that is just out of this world and guess what, she's a friend of mine, yes lucky me! In fact, I just finished a writing session with her *does a lil crazy dance*! She isnt the NEXT big thing, she IS the big thing! Working hand in hand with one of my producers, Producerwez, she has a unique distinct sound with hooks and melodies to get any onlooker… Continue

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FOOTAGE: Faith Child Supporting Tinie Tempah

Wasup peeps!? As you know, I opened up for UK's chart topping number 1 artist Tinie Tempah after winning the Cordless Show peoples vote. Thank you guys once again. Your support was amazing and I am forever grateful, shout out to the Cordless Show too. On the night I performed "Holla At Me" with Miss Tai and "More Than Music" and the crowd loved it. It was nuts! In a good way! Shout out to DJ Solva for DJ'ing for me on that night too and to Cherri V who also… Continue

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Check out Trip Lee's official music video for his single "The Invasion (Hero)" featuring my girl Jai on the hook and bridge! Its a great song accompanied by great visuals too. I'm glad to see that peeps are upping the levels on all aspects. I met Trip a couple weeks back when he came to UK. Yeah he's a cool dude ;-) Be sure to cop his NEW album "Between Two Worlds". Shout out to the Reach Records and 116 Clique familia! Holla atcha bwoy!

Enjoy the…

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Would you like to open up for T3M at The Indig02!!??

No it's not a joke or a trick or summin dodgy. No you dont have to sell your soul, no you dont have to be my friends with my lepricorns and YES you can keep your clothes on! Guvna B, Victizzle ans I have thrown open the opportunity for somebody to open up for us at out T3M concert an The Indig02 on Friday 13th August! No there is no small print or catch! All you have to do is send your BEST original written song to by August 8th! Simples! To make your entry valid you… Continue

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Hey wasup! Last month I re-introduced y'all to Lola Godheld, so I thought I'll continue in the spirit of bringing great artist to the awareness of my peeps once a month. So i'mma be doing something called 'Artist Spotlight', I was gonna call it summin like "Artist Illumination" but yes it sounds waaaay to cheesy, so yeah....! Kicking it official of, I wanna formally introduce you to my dawg MR. DA'MENTION! He is one of the most talented dudes I know. He sings, rap, drums, dances,… Continue

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E-Tizz: "He Will Never Leave Me" Music video

Check out E-Tizz's debut music video "He Will Never Leave Me". No Tizz has not turned homosexual, he is happily married to the beautiful lady singing the chorus and is now the happy father to a baby boy. Congrats bro!! "He" is reference to God being with us through the thick and the thin. Yes we all can do with a lil reminding every now and again. Check out my cameo is this vid. No, I didnt do my signature cameo move but dont worry it'll be back up on your tv screens… Continue

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