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Featured Blog Posts – February 2010 Archive (4)

Guvna had the T-Shirt, so I copped a string vest!

Please excuse the dodgy blog title, actually I take that back! Ha! Leading UK Gospel artist and close buddy of mine, Guvna B, recently recorded a video for his song 'Had the T-shirt'. Its a hard hitting track produced by TP aka Mr Funky Fresh, featuring an array of talented MC including Icie (Commission), Stealth, DDT, Forever Christ, Presha J, Franklyn, Brewer and Favour.

The song is a testimony about them having the label of a non-Christian but have now found The Light,… Continue

Added by Faith Child on February 23, 2010 at 10:00 — 2 Comments

From London to Lagos

Lemme try a lickle ting-ting: E kasan, Bawoni!? (Ye Olde English translation: Good day, how art thou?). I've been performing for over 10 years now and due to the virtue of me no longer being Twen-teen (that's in between 19 + 21) as of March the FIVE (not the fifth, why? Cause I'm special) I'll be spending my first performance as a 21 year old in NIGERIA! Can I get an Ami!? (That's 'Amen' in Yoruba!)

I'll be launching my album down there too so I'm very much looking forward to… Continue

Added by Faith Child on February 22, 2010 at 17:49 — 5 Comments

Free Download - Lyrics

Guess what, due to popular demand I am releasing all the lyrics to the songs on my debut album, 'Illumination'. This is just to say thank you for all the support you have show for the project. So enjoy it and feel free to come back to this page and let me know what you think. Watch this space for more FREE stuff. Coming soon...…


Added by Faith Child on February 21, 2010 at 1:30 — 13 Comments

What’s your favourite film of all time?

IN THE FACE!! Coming to America is my JOINT! I have that on DVD, actually I think someone stole it or permanently borrowed it from my collection. I love films and nothing fuels my acting passion more than a great film. Funnily enough High School Musical does something to me (I don’t know why or how). If I was a film director I’ll probably invent a new genre like ‘Romantic Horror’ LOL! What’s your favourite film and film…

Added by Faith Child on February 20, 2010 at 22:30 — 1 Comment

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